Cement silo has a kind of steel requirements Generally, cement silo steel for its quality and performance is not very clear link exists, but in fact is a very important criteria in the choice of a lot of customers, it tends to cement silo will be its use of steel and thickness Comparison of concern, according to Xiao Bian years of experience in the use of cement silo, small series summed up the general thickness of between three to five, yhzs100 mobile concrete mixer machine if the quality of carrying more than one hundred and fifty tons of it, plus how we have appropriate the thickness of the steel sheet. Then you describe what small series and sheet thickness cement silo: 1, the steel must be relatively very high strength, because strength cement warehouse directly affects the performance of the device on the outside of the anti-low-voltage. So that it can guarantee security. 2, cement silo steel also has good toughness, can effectively prevent the phenomenon of brittle fracture failure occurs cement silo, cement silo we all know are to be installed outdoors, high-quality products will be able to avoid environment damage thereof. 3, the thickness of the steel plate to protect the uniform, if the plate thickness uneven cement silo use, will be very easy explosive rupture phenomenon in weak, there is a big security risk. Cement silo before and after use need to pay attention to detail We often need to use the time to store powdered materials cement silo, which is a very important part of bulk cement transportation and storage, due to its relatively large size, easy to carry out effective observation, twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixer so we need to comply with the relevant use in principle. Next Xiaobian together to look at it: Before using cement silo: 1, we need to cement silo sheet thickness to understand. Grasp the basic parameters. 2, its tightness testing, to prevent leakage or leakage of material phenomenon. 3, the filtering effect of internal cement silo bag is checked, when necessary, can be replaced. Among the processes used: 1, is prohibited in the case of cement silo running overload, such operations there is a big security risk. 2, to frequent temperature cement silo and a pressure value measurement, the risks excluded. 3, regular cement silo dust blower check to see whether the operation to work correctly, if the problems found in the inspection process will be resolved in a timely manner when needed. Chip cement silo is how to conduct the work Now all kinds of construction sites are required to use cement to storage devices, there is such a demand there is such a supply, cement silo emerged today Xiaobian want to introduce is what is known as a piece of cement silo equipment, this is a big guy, certainly a lot of people think, such a thing Tell me what role do not worry, Xiaobian look down the pace?: After work when we need to use special cranes stand up to it, then after it is placed before the prepared concrete foundation above, after the degree of vertical and horizontal cement silo for inspections no mini concrete mixer germany suppliers